September 30, 2010 5:47pm CST
I like being myself. Not because it's me.. It's just that many people around me loves me. They always tells me that I'm kind.. But for me i'm not kind I'm just being me,
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@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
4 Oct 10
I would also like to be myself, but circumstances forced me to not be myself. I have to hide what's on my self. I can not express what I wanted to do. I should be, the people around me want to, and I can not afford to say no.
@CTHanum (8254)
• Malaysia
1 Oct 10
i always being my true self.i don't care about what others may think about me.i like the way i am.and others like that too. for me as long as i don't harm people and my actions do not bring any harm to them i will always do what i like to~
• Philippines
1 Oct 10
I love me and i like me. Being true to myself is the easiest thing to do to show who I really am. Being me helps to have many true friends because most of us wanted to have a true friend. If you are a true friend to anyone, it also means that you are also true to your self.That's why I like and I love myself=].
@bing28 (3798)
• Philippines
1 Oct 10
Oh that's good, meaning to say you have the good qualities being you.