Micheal Scott leaving the office?

@o2bnocn (2895)
United States
September 30, 2010 7:01pm CST
The office is my favorite show. I am upset that Micheal Scott is leaving and I am a little worried it won't be as good of a show. We all saw this happen with the CSI show. CSI used to be my favorite show and since Grissom left I haven't watched it. Grissom made CSI and I don't even know why they still have CSI on in my opinion. I think that the office has a better chance of surviving better than CSI. Although I still don't know if it will be that good of a show without him. I wish that Jim would take over as the manager. I don't think they are doing this. I think that the office show is bringing in someone new as the manager. I am worried that i will not like the actor. Or that he/she will ruin the show. What are your opinions?
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@angelican (195)
• United States
1 Oct 10
Well, personally I do not like The Office however, I love CSI. You are totally right though, without Grissem and Sarah it is not the same. Sarah comes back adventually and I heard someone say that Grissem (sp) does to. I don't know, I stopped watching after they were both gone and the one black guy, I can't remember his name, but he was awsome but they had to go and shoot him. I miss him and wish he could somehow come back but that is probably a long shot.