Wonderful, wonderful change of event for my friend!

my friend - I hope you find my friend's story inspiring and that there's always hope while we are still alive.
September 30, 2010 8:14pm CST
A year ago, my friend who lives in Europe (I was in North America then), was my constant phone buddy. She shares her woes to me during the lowest point in her life and times of uncertainty. She had millions in her account after her 20 years of marriage failed but she gave most of her money away to charity, family & friends (some she loaned but never get paid back). She had two failed affairs and worried sick that she thinks, she's in the verged of insanity. She had many friends but they all disappeared when the well ran dry. She was on depression & pain medications for years after a car accident and about to get evicted from her home. With no place to go, I told her to stay with me until she's able to get her feet back on the ground but she refused. She has two boys who don't concern themselves about her welfare and I felt so sorry for her and worried for what she will become. Just as when everything is in chaos, she got a job as nanny to 3 kids, that was early this year. I told her what a blessing! Now she need not have to worry about her food and accommodation, no bills to pay and on top of that she's getting paid. I can understand how she felt taking the job. For someone who had lived a luxurious life, lived in a palace in France, who traveled first class etc., being a nanny/maid is a hard thing to swallow. But she said, she learned something in the process. She has humbled herself in front of God, just thankful for what little she had left and that she is given a chance to live quite comfortably. Recently, I learned that she found another family who pays her more than double and she's got the whole furnished basement with the view of the fabulous lake through her window. She said, she is so blessed being able to get this job aka Mrs. Doubtfire, and enjoying her new abode. She was so excited to tell me that she just came from Spain and Prague with the family for free and enjoyed the holiday with what has become her adopted family. I know that her strength lies in her solid faith and said that she's very grateful for the changes in her life, where at one time, she had only bread and water to eat for a week. I think her life is very inspiring, it proves that there's always sunshine after the storm and most of all faith is a vital ingredient to survive life's inequities. Do you have success and inspiring stories to share?
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