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United States
October 1, 2010 4:34am CST
I just did some self - evaluation on my financial health, and indeed I am in a mess. I didn't done much good than bad from the past as I remember. Now my parents renovate the house, and my mom thought that I can contribute a little at least to help out my father. I really don't have much to contribute, and I have only puny amount of saving with me. Although I oppose the idea to do the home improvement, but they already started the process. Yeah, I am mad at myself, and last night I was sleepless. I didn't take my financial health with discretion. For years, I haven't contributed much to the family, and help our my parents. I just mad at myself not making smart decision, and I didn't work hard enough. Now, I just want to mend my situation.
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• India
1 Oct 10
Hi kingparker,you are the king child for your parents there's nothing to worrying,its not that your parents need your contribution,they them selves provide not only for you even for themselves as well. Only thing they wants you to be more realistic,with the way you deals your financial matter,always save for the future and be a longtime runner,its you who will appreciated it latter on when you will be with your own. Happy mylotting.
• United States
1 Oct 10
Well, I have been depend on my parents aid for so many years, and now they want to renovate the house and to live more comfortably, I just can't do anything to share that burden as part of my pay back. What a son I am, that is what I am mad at.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
3 Oct 10
It is never too late to start getting back on track! The first thing you need to do is to make a plan, on how you will manage your money better or make more money. And do it right away, and do not get depressed even if it will take a while to get there, sometimes the best results require time after all. So start working on this right now, and I am sure you will be in a much better position after a while, if you are determined and hard working enough! Good luck!
• India
1 Oct 10
As a son, It's your responsibility to help them, when they are in need. They will never ask, It's your duty to find out if they need any help and insists that you want to contribute. Knowing your condition, I think its not too late. At least you have realized that you want to help them. Start up now and explore the new possibilities so that you can be financially stable.
• Philippines
1 Oct 10
It is good that you are realizing this now. It is time to turn things around. The first thing you have to do is to analyze your income and make a budget... See to it that you pay yourself first...