eating many times a day is normal for you?!

United States
October 1, 2010 7:47am CST
i know someone who eat almost 8 times a day..she is 13 yrs old.when she get up in the morning she eats 1 donut and a glass of milk,after 30 mins before goin to school she's eating cookies and a glass of milk again!afternoon,when she get home from school.she start eating a small bowl of rice,a cheese sticks(8-10pcs)and a bottle of fruit juice.after 3 hours she started eating again,1 up to 2 donuts and a glass of water.and before bed she eats 3 donuts,a bowl of white rice and steak.after that shes digging in the kitchen again and get a bowl of cereal and a can of this normal or what?how many times do you eat in a day?
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• United States
6 Oct 10
I usually have to remind myself to eat theree times a day. Eight times is a lot.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
3 Oct 10
I eat several small meals during the day, since I read somewhere that this is better for your body than to eat huge meals like 2 a day or something. So I eat small amounts of food 4 to 5 times a day, during a regular day.
• Mumbai, India
1 Oct 10
Goood lord [:O] Where does she store all the food in her stomach, how does she digest it [:O]. milk is hard to digest. Neways its nice that she has some healthy food, but in excess I think. Definately its not normal for a 13 year old to eat so much. you should get her checked by a doctor if she has worms in her stomach who gulp down all the food and make her hungry [:D]. I Eat a proper mean only twice a day, in between I do eat once in the evening but that does not account to a meal, its just like a starter. :D. There was a time when I used to keep on eating in small amounts all through out the day, but that would never equal what that girl eats in a day :D.
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
1 Oct 10
Hi, I only have 3 times meal in a day,of course, in between, I will have some snack during tea time. From my point of view, taking 3 meals in a day is more than enough. Eating too much may not do good to our body and easily put on weight. Apart from eating, we also need to have some exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables is good for our health. \
• Philippines
1 Oct 10
I eat more than 3 times a day maybe around 5 to 6 but just small amounts of food so that I keep satiated for the rest of the day. It actually helps with my diet because it speeds up my metabolism and that I don't resort to eating a lot during meals.