Could I be Pregnant?

United States
October 1, 2010 1:36pm CST
I am eager to have a baby. I always record my monthly period but last month I did not have it. I should have my period Sept. 27.I have a regular cycle.but I am 5 days delayed could I be pregnant?
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• United States
1 Oct 10
Try taking a pregnancy test. You also can skip your regular cycle due to stress, so try to relax and don't get too edgy about getting pregnant. That kind of excitement and stress can delay your period. So just relax and don't think about getting pregnant and that your period haven't come down yet. Take a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant or not though.
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@prinzcy (5057)
• Malaysia
1 Oct 10
It's better to do a proper test to find out the result that guessing. That way you won't get your hope so high. It's normal for woman to have irregular period flow. You might miss it from time to time, regardless how it use to be on time. So if you do a test, you can stop guessing and find out whether a little one is in the way or not. Either way, good luck. Hopefully what you're wishing is true.
• United Arab Emirates
1 Oct 10
If you skip your periods you are bound to get pregnant. But there are times when you have irregular periods. You could try taking the pregnanct test.