Really bad nightmare

@o2bnocn (2895)
United States
October 1, 2010 5:09pm CST
Last night I slept pretty good. Until I had a really bad nightmare. I was in a dark place with a tall man that had a big bald spot. He was acting really weird and told me that he was my father. Clearly he was not my father. He wouldn't let me go but he oddly enough let me hit him. I was running around and found a hammer. I thought about hitting him in the head with it. Oddly again he would've have let me. I didn't want to kill him though. I safely escaped and tried to run away. It became like a maze and I was trying to get out. Oddly once again I said I need to get down under. Although not meaning Australia, I meant underwater. The man kept saying "we are down under". This was the weirdest part of the nightmare. It was almost like it became an echo of him saying this. I became more scared and finally woke up. It took me a while to wake up though. I got really scared and when I finally woke up I was scared so I turned my television on. It wasn't too early so I called my boyfriend and he calmed me down. My television wasn't working because of the box. I know why my television wasn't working so that didn't bother me. I was too tired to put a dvd on but I had a little trouble going back to sleep. The scariest part of the nightmare was when I was thinking of hitting the man in the bald spot of his head. I was thinking of doing it with a hammer or axe. Only because he was after me and not letting me go. I have never had a nightmare like this before and never want to again.
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@SinRealm (559)
• Philippines
1 Oct 10
I guess you're scared that deep inside you, you can commit murder. Truly that is scary. I myself value life and would never do murder. But if I do it, I might end up doing it some more.
@o2bnocn (2895)
• United States
1 Oct 10
It was only a nightmare. I wouldn't commit to murder unless it was only for my saftey.
@his0yir (258)
2 Oct 10
How dramatic! I very often have dreams involving complicated and dramatic storyline in them. Once I dreamed that I was working for a scientific institution and I developed romantic feeling towards a female researcher. She was a nice woman but weirdly she was scared of looking at herself in the mirror. And one day some accident happened in the lab and a mirror happened to fall in front of her. She went mad and shouted: 'don't let me look into myself in the mirror!' Then she started changing, with scales and colours appearing on her skin. Her eyes became sharp and glowed with odd colour. Her body extended and eventually she turned into a python!!! So later the dream revealed that she was an experiment of human and snake genes. A very sad story for her. The most impact of the dream is I felt sad too since I had special feeling towards her in dream. It was like a scary sci-fi movie for me. _