bf/gf has to travel to far from u for a month. u trust him/her?^^

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October 1, 2010 6:30pm CST
hi guys^^ your bf/gf has to travel for far from you for a month. do you trust in him/her that he/she wont cheat on you?^^ about me i would trust my bf. we already live too far so we have to trust each other to continue together^^ and meet soon i wish so. but sure is not easy^^ anyway what about you guys?^^ you would trust?^^ please share^^
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• India
2 Oct 10
yes I would completely trust her because I know that she won't cheat me she would be friendly with everyone but she would never cheat me...
• Philippines
2 Oct 10
if that is the situation maybe i don't trust him cause he is handsome then a lots of girl are flirting him,,,, then what if he will attract to the girls who flirt him.,,,but even though i have a big trust to my bf i know that temptation is always there wherever we go...
@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
2 Oct 10
i think one of the key in relationship is trust.. if you love him, you must trust him.. if he loves you, he must trust you.. simple ways for me.. even she or he is far away from us, we know that we can trust her/him,if they know whats the meaning of love
• Philippines
1 Oct 10
my bf has been 2months away from me right now and i exceptionally trust him.. ^_^ we constantly share each others' thoughts over facebook.. and that's what's making me keep on coming back for more and looking forward on the day that i can see him again.. i make a lot of messages and constantly replies to his messages so when the time comes that i'm not around, he would tend to miss me a lot and think a lot about me.. it sure is not easy to be in this situation, but we have to be strong... pray always, communicate often, stay faithful, be strong... ^_~
@swissheart (6486)
• Romania
1 Oct 10
thrust it's one of the most important parts of a relationship. so if he wouldn;t give me reasons to doubt on whatever he's doing there, or if he didn't do anything that I would consider wrong before he left. yea I would thrust him