How many people are sincere in their greetings...?

October 2, 2010 12:04am CST
All of us greet each other on different occasions like birthday, wedding day ,on one's success etc.Greeting on birthdays and weddings is OK because it more formal than intentional.It is a custom all over the world.You say"Happy Birth Day" or "Happy wedding day".If possible we present some gifts and enjoy get together and the party.But when it comes to one's success many greet the successful candidate including those who competed with them or rivals.My doubt is how far they are sincere in their greetings.Do they really enjoy his success.Then why say " Hearty congratulations on your success"".Is it not hyprocracy.The successful candidate can also understand how far the others are sincere.In that case is not better not to greet at all than greeting outwardly having the opposite feeling in the heart.What do you all people say....?
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5 Oct 10
Hello friend I don't send greeting cards on any occassions, they look artificial to me, if the person has a friend i tell my wishes greetings directly, if he/she is from my city, and close i visit the house as far as practicable.. Thanks for sharing. Cheers. Professor. .
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9 Oct 10
Greetings cards are only a means of sending greetings.You can greet by phone or in person or by sending gifts.Here I am interested to know as to how many are sincere in their greetings, what ever may be the means of sending greetings
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2 Oct 10
Now I am not sending any greetings card on nay occasion. Because now I don't like to doing this. But when I was a child then I like to send greeting cards to my relatives on New Year. But now I don’t like to do this. Because I think when any festivals or birthday comes then I wish this on phone. So no I never send any greetings card to anyone.
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3 Oct 10
You may send greetings card or greet them on birth days.That is different .It is Ok. If it is birth days or wedding days you can greet them in any way you like.Here what I want to know is whether if any one greets the on other's success .. how far are greetings is sincere because the one who sends it is a looser sometimes and he feels bad about his it not...?