Outrageous call in a contact center

October 2, 2010 1:22am CST
As a call center agent, what was the most outrageous call you've ever received and why? How did you handle it?
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@nikramos (701)
• Philippines
2 Oct 10
i previously worked for a contact center for a major telecomm company. i once got a call from a client who didn't know where the power button of her phone was. luckily one of the tools we use have simulators for every type of model available in their system.i had to tell her to find a button with a red sign of a little circle with a vertical line in it. it was sort of silly, i didn't know right away how to describe the button to her. then i got another call from another client who was upset for being billed for the messages she received. in the philippines, messages received do not have charges unlike in canada everything gets to be charged. i had to explain a lot of times that's basically how rates are applied for text messaging and he ended up cussing me. i think being one of the few people who have very little patience in his system, i'd be proud to say at some point i learned to adjust in this kind of environment. dealing specially with foreign people was harder because of difference in personalities. the trick is not to let the client feel that you can't handle the situation. speak and sound knowledgeable about his concerns. just be very patient, respectful, and don't argue with them, ever.
@visavis (5945)
• Philippines
2 Oct 10
Yes, in every conversation specially in telephone or mobile patience, self control and most important is etequette (not sure the spelling). Yes due to different character and orientation some people unable to please in one explanation..
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
3 Oct 10
i have had quite a lot of outrageous and enraging calls. hehe :P but well ido not remember most of them now as it was like 8 years ago since i was an agent.