I am tired.What should i do?

October 2, 2010 8:38am CST
I woke up early this morning. I did my house chores,gardening and so on. Then,I visited my friends.Now,I am so tired. What should I do?
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• Philippines
2 Oct 10
Do you like listening to music? If I'm too tired, I'd like to listen to mellow music, it helps me to relax and feel better. It also helps to talk to someone close to you, you know, small talks like, how they spent the day, what they had for lunch or dinner, etc. You'd definitely feel better knowing that all the people you love are all safe and in good health.
@alokijon (665)
• Malaysia
16 Oct 10
Music is good. If I am tired, I just lying on my bed, switch on the air-con and television. I will watch my Korean drama or CSI. I will put my glass of juice next to my bed hehehe
• United States
29 Oct 10
Sounds like you had a big day this day, so I would have to agree with so many that we can only push ourselves so much that we should listen to our bodies and get some rest.
• Malaysia
28 Oct 10
Go get yourself a cup of drinks, turn on some soft music, lay down on the sofa, and enjoy. I do this everyday after I got back from school. =D
@cyrri_ako (461)
• Philippines
27 Oct 10
get some rest..physically and mentally.......
@ThomasVH (381)
• Belgium
26 Oct 10
Get some sleep buddy :-)
@wadabski (764)
• Philippines
23 Oct 10
Take a little r n r. hydrate yourself and elevate your legs. Drink something cool and do not let your sweat dry up your back. Exercise more so you will have more energy to go on for the rest of your day to day inquiry.
@alokijon (665)
• Malaysia
2 Oct 10
Wow you have been busy the whole day friend. Have fun...The only thing that I can suggest for you to do is just sleep hehehe. Take some rest.
• South Korea
2 Oct 10
hun it is not wrong to take a rest:) to push yourself to much..your body will tell you when it needed a break..so if your not really busy and if yo think youve done almost everything,,then atleast take a nap..