can you live without your bf/gf? or feel you cant anymore?^^

October 2, 2010 9:20am CST
hi guys^^ can you live without your bf/gf or do you feel you cant live anymore without him/her in your life?^^ about me i love my bf really^^ and i dont want to live without him. i really dont want to. i love him so much that if he left me would break my heart really :( i wouldnt have any other bf and would wait him to come back to me forever. and if didnt i would be unhappy forever :( i really do love him. what about you guys?^^ can you live without your bf/gf?^^ please share^^
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• United Arab Emirates
2 Oct 10
Yes i do feel. I have been away from my wife for the past 8 months now. I am in the UAE and she is in India. I miss her lots. I am just waiting to mmether this december which is not long.
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• India
2 Oct 10
well I love my girlfriend a lot so I would die without her and if you are in true love you would feel the same and I can't live without her anymore..
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@bagputza (504)
• Belgium
3 Oct 10
Good evening once again dear great friend sweetloveforever , well actually at the start of my relationship with my fiancee , after one year and four months of seen eachother everyday , she had mooved in with me , and i had four months been with my girlfriend every morning day , every afternoon spent togheter ( exception when i was working ) , and every end of the day ( evening ) togheter , and off course , having her in my arm every single night when we went to sleep , so after four months of experimenting and loving to be with my girlfriend , i had a small six months contract for a job that was wayy much better paid then the one that i used to have ( and i still have at the given moment ) , but the only thing that was bothering me , it was that i had to moove for six months , since it was at eight hundred kilometres away from my familly and more painfull away from my fiancee , so i talked to her and we decided togheter that i should try to do this , because we are both strong character personas and that we both believe with great strenght in our love , and so i went to work in France ( in a town called Perpignon ) , i am completely been honest when i say that thos six months it was hell for me , and even if she was hiding i knew she missed me and she wasn't feeling great while i was away , i used to come home once at two weeks and only stayed for three days , but it was the best three days in the hole ^period After this six months passed and camed back home , my fiancee tooked me strong in her arms and told me to never leave again , and we decided that i should go and take my old job back , and so i did. Monney doesnt bringz the happinnes ,but it is important for surviving in life and in social life Have a great evening dear friend ** Florin , Over and Out **