are you a big fan of clubs?^^

October 2, 2010 9:49am CST
hi guys^^ are you a big fan of clubs?^^ about me never went to a club before^^ but i would like to go someday with a big group of friends and have much fun dancing ahah^^ but i dont really know how to dance much ahah but maybe a friend could teach me a bit^^ or see what others do and try to do similar ahah :) i think is good to go to clubs sometimes to relax with friends and i want go someday^^ what about you guys?^^ do you like to go to clubs much?^^ please share^^
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• United Arab Emirates
2 Oct 10
I love clubbing. have been to discotheques and pubs where there is a lot of music. I love to drink when there is music. But i have stopped clubbing since i started dating my wife.
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• Portugal
4 Oct 10
aw you love it? so why did you stop? you could go with your wife^^ both could have fun dancing there^^ that would keep the flame of love ahah^^ you cant always just be working and with your wife all the time^^ you need to have fun also^^ so you should go to clubs again but alone better not^^ but why dont you ask her to go with you?^^ marry doesnt mean lose past habits^^ you can still do things you used to do and liked^^ im sure she wouldnt mind to go with you^^
@Ntek21 (64)
• United States
4 Oct 10
wow.. i think that everyone should go to a club atleast uhmmm 20 times in there life.. and ya gotta hit a bad one everynow and then to make the good ones seem even better.. There are so many out there.. and i am sure if you ask anyone they can tell you about it or someone blogged about it at some point. I have to admit though after awhile tend to just not go and try other things.. heres a event in anaheim..
• Portugal
4 Oct 10
yes you are right^^ we must enjoy the best that life has^^ and have fun is the best for sure^^ i just never got used to got to clubs^^ i always was a bit shy and not really be in those places^^ but i wish i could change a bit^^ i want to change my life and enjoy it much^^ i just want to go to clubs and dance^^ and also go meet my bf soon ^^ so sad we cant for now.
@bagputza (504)
• Belgium
3 Oct 10
Good morning dear friend sweetloveforever , well actually when i used to be a teenager and still went to highschool ( actually untill i met my fiancee ) , i used to get out every week-end with my friends and sometimes even all alone in the club , and when i was going alone in the club it was because i was either too far from my group of friends , or because i was barely mooved in Belgium , well actually going out to the club its pretty overrated , because everytime i camed back from the club , i mean when i was leaving i used to have such a headacke , because i used too combine alot redbull with cofee and a few drinks of whisky .
• Portugal
4 Oct 10
aw thats great that you went to clubs much^^ with friends or without them^^ what matters is that you had fun and enjoyed your youth^^ we must all do that^^ i wish i was like that also^^ anyway i want to change my life^^ thats why i want to go to other country and do different things^^ enjoy more and be happy ahah^^ thats all i dream about^^
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
24 May 11
I've never been in a club, for the sake of spending my evenings and at night, from people willing to listen to house music and rhythmic move, along with their motion urnind walls of smoke. I entered, however, more day than night in several clubs in the various companies I organize an event. Surely not part of the target customers of this genre-Local. I have a little girl and I'm very hard to let someone else overnight, although sometimes I have to do it. In addition, we have been for 32 years, and girls who attend such places as it might seem like a venerable outsider. And I have no reason to crave new things, because I'm married, not only acts but also with love and shared rule. And yet, I always look stunning images in clubs, I find that shot on other planets, which I have not had access to age intergalactic flight. I see beautiful women - tall, taller than all the girls in my generation - dressed in clothes that they uncovered more than wearing them. I see dance whose rhythm is not never harmonizes with my pulse.