fat cops

October 2, 2010 10:37am CST
oh my homie! why is that many cops right now are in double weight? plus they got less abilities and skills. c'mon~ some fat cops should burn some calories up and make some new actions! as what we have witnessed during the hostage drama last august, i think i can only count those who have "flat bellies" most of them have a bouncy ouncy mounts on their stomach. whaddaya think?
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@angelic123 (1112)
• United States
6 Oct 10
They should have more training. Let them watch videos of police force from different countries. It will be like intelligence for them. they can observe and have some ideas on how to tackle difficult situation. They should see how big and muscular other police are so that they will be inspired to build some muscles too not build fats around their bellies.
• Philippines
4 Oct 10
hi there! i think they get too fat because of stress. but i think they get even fatter because they work less. haha. peace men! i think its just a matter of coincidence. i really do hope it is. anyway i don't have any clue or theory about this matter. so happy mylotting!
@misheli (554)
• Philippines
3 Oct 10
I think they don't have regular exercise that's why they're getting fat. All the cops in the Philippines should have at-least twice a week exercise, so that they will have a healthy and fit body so they can chase the bad guys easily. I agree with you've said that they got less abilities and skills. They should have more training.
@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
2 Oct 10
I feel offended by your post. Not everyone can actually lose weight. I have a disorder/disease whatever you want to call it, which makes it nearly impossible to lose weight at a respectable speed without fainting 100 times a day. I am sure there are a lot amongst those 'fat bellies' as you pejoratively said, also have something that prevents them from losing weight. Then again it's also wrong for a government to allow unfit people to become police officers. Maybe you should protest against your government instead of against police officers who have to work under insane conditions as in most countries, trying to save your life and protect your belongings while risking THEIR lives.