Why this world exist?

@distorsi (164)
October 2, 2010 12:27pm CST
hi all friends.... can i ask your about this, Why God Create this world and all of things inside this world?
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@narayan2006 (2955)
• India
2 Oct 10
The illusive power of God creates,maintains and finally destroys after a finite time period all the physical entities in the universe including earth. The unified and Absolute reality of God finds expression in vast and innumerable diverse creations in relative life through divine power of Nature. Existence and non-existence of some thing of physical form and phenomenon are illusion of mind. Staying in the relative field of life,we experience the forms and phenomena which are nothing but the manifested expressions of the unmanifested and unified essence of Absolute existence-the God.In fact,nothing exists except the divine and eternal essence of God which is the basis of all that exists in physical form including our earth. Thanks.
• India
3 Oct 10
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@rappeter13 (5298)
• Romania
2 Oct 10
Though one, but I will try my best to answer your topic. I think that we have inherited this feeling or I don't know how to call it, the need of creating. I never met a person who wasn't keen on creating something. We want to create a nice picture, or a good writing, or whatever. And there is no greater feeling that being appreciated of what we have created and to enjoy the creation inside us, without anybody to be aware of our enjoyment. I think God is enjoying His creation, and takes care of His creation. That is why I believe He created this world and everything that is inside it.
@IyanMuska (602)
• Indonesia
2 Oct 10
What is clear is that we will all always remember that the sky above the sky is still there, as smart as any human being would not be able to emulate the gods. No human is capable of making the world and its contents is not it? Even a professor of anything ....