is your bf/gf very sexy? ahah ^^

sexy couple^^ - boy and girl very sexy in love^^
October 3, 2010 9:27am CST
hi guys^^ is your bf/gf very sexy?^^ like always have many guys after her/him?^^ about my bf i think he is very handsome i dont know how girls dont care for him but better for me ahah ^^ he is really too handsome^^ maybe they dont bcs even cute he is a bit like bad boy ahah :) so maybe dont give many chance for them to get too close^^ so im happy to me he gave this chance ahah ^^ anyway what about you guys?^^ please share your stories^^
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• United Arab Emirates
3 Oct 10
I dont know but my wife and my friends do say that i am wife she is pretty, beautiful, gorgeous. She hes become more pretty after she met me as many people use to compliment me and then she started taking care of her fashion even more.
• Portugal
3 Oct 10
aw so good that you are handsome^^ thats great^^ aw your wife is beautiful too? very sweet that you say so many good things about her^^ also is good that she decided to look even better bcs you know so many people^^ it means that she cares for you^^ anyway what is your wife job?^^ does she work like you or just you work for both?^^ anyway is good that you both are happy^^
• India
4 Oct 10
well my girlfriend is really very hot, sexy and beautiful till I know in my college half of the boys are behind her but she doesn't respond so I don't tell those guys any thing but ya she is really very sexy...