Do you think mammogram might help reduce the mortality of breast cancer?

United States
October 3, 2010 11:08am CST
I believe some women who might think they have breast cancer should done their examination through mammogram on their early 40. But would this test as effective as we believe? According to some studies indicate, the test of mammogram might be only effective as to reduce breast cancer death by 10%. With such low evaluation, I just wonder if there is a more effective way to treat such diseases. When people talk about cancer, it is more like a death sentence with an unknown date.
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@bunnybon7 (37645)
• Holiday, Florida
3 Oct 10
thats very true. i used to rely on mammograms. then in '98 i had one and told them of a small pea size lump i had. they said they didnt see anything. it was behind the nipple i told them. well by '99 it had grown just a little. they still didnt see it, but i insisted and they brought in a gal to do a sonogram. she found it they did a biopsy and it was cancer i had surgery and 36 radiation treatments. probably would not be here today if id let it go on a mammogram outcome.
@pogi253 (1587)
• Philippines
3 Oct 10
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