happiness or friendship??

@maebelle (190)
October 4, 2010 1:19am CST
i've experienced that a friend of mine chose her happiness over our friendship.. i know that as a friend i must be happy for her because she's my friend, but how can i be happy for her when i'm hurting this much because of her... i've come to realized that its hard when you're competing with happiness... your friendship is not enough to make her happy...
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@hushi22 (4940)
4 Oct 10
sad to hear that my friend. well, i guess your friendship wasn't that strong to say choosing happiness over friendship. i thought real friends will be happy when a friend is happy. well, i guess it depends on what you guys define of friendship. i hope you will resolve it soon. i wish you will have both - friendship and happiness
@maebelle (190)
• Philippines
7 Oct 10
maybe that's the case because she chose my bf who's her present bf ryt now over me... we dont have anything to already..but im happy now..its just that our friendship didnt remain the same..