my bf said for me dont go meet me that he will come to meet me^^ but...

October 4, 2010 9:00am CST
hi guys^^ me and my bf are in a long distance relationship but we agreed to meet each other soon^^ we live in different countries and i told him i would go meet him bcs i love his country and is my dream to visit it since long already^^ so we agreed to save money together^^ anyway he doesnt have a job now and we were talking yesterday and i asked if he could sing in the street to earn money for see me. bcs he really is a good singer^^ anyway he said that if he did that would go to jail bcs in city where he lives is not ok to do that in the street. anyway i was a bit sad sure and i said im working hard to save money for us. so he said for me dont go meet him that he comes to meet me bcs he doesnt want i use money for him bcs he was only a sh*t. and i said i wanted use it with him. but he said he will meet me next year that he will try. well im happy that he wants to come to see me^^ is too romantic but i know how hard it was for him to find a job as a singer in a bar so i dont know how much longer it will be will he find a new one so im afraid we dont meet next year. do you know any job that he could do that was easier to earn some money?^^ i thought about a call center or something^^ do you have any more ideas of what he can work in to earn some money? by the way he lives in phillipines so if you live in phillipines and know what is the easier job to find there would be a big help too^^ anyway i need help from all of you with your advises^^ thanks so muchy^^
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• Philippines
4 Oct 10
Hey I'm from Philippines, You know there are many singing contest here in the Philippines. Why not try to join one if his really good. I think most of the singers that became popular here started with a singing contest. Win one and money won't be a problem anymore. :D If not he could find a job over there and live with you :D