Will the Reproductive Health Bill (RHB) reduce the Philippine population boom?

@mensab (4206)
October 4, 2010 9:42am CST
The Philippines has been experiencing a downward trend on population growth rate which stands at approximately 1.8 percent. Since the peak of 1970s, Filipino couples are producing less and less babies compared with the previous generations. So how will RHB reduce something that is already on the downward trend? For info: http://chopsueystories.blogspot.com/2010/10/reproductive-health-bill-rhb-to-reduce.html what do you think?
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@rhejans (191)
• Philippines
3 Jun 11
THIS IS STILL A CHOICE OF INDIVIDUAL. Some might use contraceptives but others don't. Even if the RH BILL will be implemented. There is no point of forcing anyone to use it. Philippines is a democratic country. the question here is, why implementing it? if the contracentives was already used by others. In additon to, People might only think that RH BILL is the only way to push people for using contraceptives, but they should also know that allowing RH BILL is also allowed the abortion. and for me this is NOT GOOD! because when you say abortion. IT takes life inside the mother's womb. MEANING, in that question of "Will the Reproductive Health Bill(RHB) reduce the philippines population boom?" THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER! There is other way to reduce population. government should focus on the other things. Not like this.