parental abuse by teenagers

@pudgles (414)
United States
October 4, 2010 6:41pm CST
In this day when you can't disaplin a child,they resort to attacking you..what recourse do you have? A few years back a kid was abusing an adult family member that was/is sick with cancer. he picks on the adult,steals his meds, and makes him very uncomfortable as possible in his own home. the kid is violent, in all ways. was on meds a few years back, but mom decided he didn't need it. well, all told me what was going on, and of course none of them would do anything about it, so i spoke out. and it cost me assult by the mother in my own home,verbal abused & threatened me in front of my childern with whom ended up getting between us to stop the hitting/pushing. well appartently it hasn't stopped, for now he is 16 and hits him regularly and causing nose bleeds, etc. there was a few times he went after the family member in his sleep with a knife, and if he had not awaken, the knife would of gotten him in the face instead of the pillow. the mom says doesn't matter he ask for it. I tell her its wrong and she said he can do what ever it takes to get his frustrations out even if it means hurting people. well, this past week, the family member gave them the choice of him or the kid, and of course she chose the kid so they got their own place for now, but is the adult safe?is the younger sibling safe now too? another is her other son, who is staying with the family member, his dad. he too goes through the abuse with getting beat up all the time, bebe gun shot at him, etc. and the mother again laughs and encourages it saying he can take his frustration out any way he wants. this is wrong too...he has spoken to the school counselor about these beatings, etc from his brother, no help from his mom for she never wanted him and yet the school didnt' even look into it, even when he went to school with marks, etc. he is now in high school, and will he still get the comfort of talking with the counselor? is any one going to help before its too late? she threatened to take away the other child from the father if he ever reported abuse, etc, and this is whats keeping him fighting the cancer. and if he ever defended himself or his other child, she is going to press charges of child abuse, etc. so this is so one will speak up, no one will help and he is asking for it but in a suttle way. is there any way this older child can be prevented from hurting the younger sibling and adult? the mom is just as guilty for she laughs when it goes on, encourages it and does nothing about it? the school is aware of it so its on record. and the way the mother and this abusive son carries on isn't like a son and mother but something different. a few people remarked that something just isn't right with that relationship either....what can be done? how can it be done without the younger child going to her in the end like the threat if anything happens to the older one. he is loved by alot in public eyes, but behind doors, they are both MONSTERS!!!
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