Trailer unhitching in traffic

United States
October 5, 2010 1:25pm CST
My boyfriend works for a very well known landscaping company. While driving to another location the trailer he was hauling came unhitched. Luckily no accidents were caused. The hitch itself broke, and my boyfriend, only being one man couldnt possibly pull this trailer to the side of the road. Meanwhile everyone is cussing and ranting and raving at him, but nobody once takes the time to step out of their vehicle and offer to lend a hand. I remember the day that we used to be comfortable enough to stop and offer help to change a tire, push a car, help a lady cross the street. Has this world became so unfunctional that we are scared to do these things anymore. Or has mankind been poorly educated with manners. I'm not at all saying it was anyone's responsibility to help my boyfriend, but if you aren't going to help why do you have the right to crticize? Am I wrong to feel this way? Would you have offered to lend a hand if you could?
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