How do you usually tell someone you're not interested?

October 5, 2010 1:38pm CST
I'm the nice type, always trying to let them down easily but I have friends that simply say "I don't like you, stop talking to me" maybe in a more rude way than this! How do you usually tell people you're not interested?
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• United States
5 Oct 10
Once I state that I am married... some may question why I am married so young or something like that.. or who I'm married to.. but they know not to overstep that boundary right then. My husband does not play that lol. And I don't either. We can be friends... chat it up and all of that.. but nothing more than that. I am very faithful to my marriage and the vows that I have taken. And no amount of vulnerability could make me change that. Sorry guys.. I'm off the market!!
• United States
5 Oct 10
And have been so for the past 3 years!! On 10/26/10!!
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
8 May 11
Do not know how to say no, but do know how to accept a refusal? What we do when, we can not what? Accept or begin a long drip of arguments? I was very hard to accept a refusal, but I wanted my refusal to be accepted. It was not fair. I learned to accept a refusal, to them apreziez those people who can refuse to say no. And then, slowly, timidly, awkwardly, I started to say no. I say NO if you really think they are not worthy, I can not do a certain thing. At first it was hard, damn hard to resist those long streams of arguments and sweet nothings ... But as people around me have learned that it is pointless to try too hard. will not stay if I said no. I'm not saying I'm wrong, I am not saying I'm perfect, not always say they know the right path to choose and weigh it as YES, and do not. Just say, I'm trying to find my balance as I try to cherish as a man.
@sam8pro (376)
• India
7 Oct 10
I guess its kind of hard to do that isn't it ... i will not be able to say anything but mostly i will try to make my behavior as casual as it can be and will be very careful to make it clear through my actions that i am not looking for relationship or anything more than friendship
• Portugal
7 Oct 10
i say im sorry i like you as a friend^^ or just change matter in a sweet way^^ i wouldnt say what your friends say bcs i know i would be hurting that person^^ i couldnt say that ever^^ i cant stand to hurt other people feelings^^ i wouldnt like also if i liked a boy and he said that to me. i would feel too bad so i wouldnt say that to no guy^^ we must be sweet and honest but in a way that doesnt hurt so much the other person^^