How helpful is your local home depot in comparison to Lowes and Ace Hardware?

United States
October 5, 2010 3:04pm CST
I don't shop much at my local Home Depot for house appliance or tools. But I did visit Home Depot from time to time when I need new replacements for the stuff at my home. Somehow, I don't think those stuff at Home depot are knowledgeable enough to help me solve those questions, such as the nail size I am looking for, or other stuffs watnot. In comparison to Ace Hardware, I think the personnels work there are much knowledgeable, and they do really helpful to my questions, and they would also give me other advices or better alternative solution to certain things. I mean, for a customer like me, when I think of something, Ace Hardware would be the first one pop in my head, and I will give it bigger chance to visit, won't it?
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@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
5 Oct 10
Ha ha ha... I work at home depot as an appliance sales person. I do have another job on a side as a translator but I only work that as a part time. I have been selling appliances for 23 years, my first job at 16 was selling appliances & I'm 39 now. I don't do it on purpose but when I go to Lowes or Sears, I usually stop by appliance section to just look around to see what they have. Half the people in those places have no clue what they are talking about & it seems like they are making up stuff as they go along. One guy in Lowes told me Samsung & LG are same company. Another told me GE & LG are same company, same store, same appliance deptartment, different shift I guess. I know for a fact that Samsung & LG are South Korean company & they are in fact a competitions. It's like saying Home depot & Lowes are same company, or Sears & CVS are same company. One guy in Sears try to tell me how RCA tv's are made by different people than GE tvs. I know for a fact that they are both made by "thompson electronics". They are both pretty much identical products with different names in the front. Years ago, when HD tv's were first started to come out in the market, one Sears guy tried to tell me that the tv he was trying to sell me can display 1080p pictures. I knew for a fact that at that time, tv's only could display 980p at best or 1080i at best. (progressive or interlaced pictures, they both refer to pixel counts). I don't know. I found people in every store regardless of the name of the chain that have no clue about what they're selling & even worse, tries to make up as they go along, I guess to sound like they know what they're talking about when they have no clue.