XBox modding good or bad

United States
October 5, 2010 4:45pm CST
I i'm a xbox modder and i just wanted to know if it is bad or good because when i play with my modded name people say thats so cool and some people say stop your ruining xbox please help don't know what to do stay with modding or stop
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• United States
13 Oct 10
Good! Though that say you're ruining xbox are just retarded. How are you ruining xbox live? You're not modding their xbox, so how does it effect them. They are ether jealous or it does not. Keep on doing what you do.
• India
17 Apr 12
you can't go online with modded xbox360 games.......
• United States
15 Mar 12
It's pretty much a general consensus, modding is good if your not affecting other peoples gameplay. There is a fine line between modding and cheating. Just be careful not to cross it. You will lose the respect of your fellow gamers and modders
@wolf92s (17)
• United States
16 Apr 11
I would have to agree with the other two people. They may not understand what trully modding is. So from a modder to a modder. Let me give you some advice. Modding and cheating may be considered the same to most people, but in the underground world of modding they are compleately different. If you just mod then keep up the good work. If you start cheating and such shame on you. Modding is changing the game for the fun of it, NOT to get any advantages on other people. Which modding can include changing say a ak47 to shoot stinger missiles. As long as you only do it on your system and not against people. Or if everyone can pick the ak47 up and do the same and they are alright with modding. Cheating is greately looked down on in most of the modding websites. will deleate any post related to cheating. Cheating where you use your modding skills or more of the skills other people has created to get a advantage in the game. This can be seen as a tenth prestige lobby or it could be shooting your FAL faster than it normally should when no one else can. Any thing that gives you an advantage and not other people is cheating. Some cheaters can even be called script kids.