Need help !!!

October 6, 2010 4:56am CST
I want to buy xbox 360 next year guys. But i dont know the price and the nice type of it? can you all help me ^^
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9 Oct 10
Ok firtt of all buy an xbox ps3 sucks and xbox is cheaper ang if you really want to know the go on like or best buy or walmart or ultimate electronics
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16 Oct 10
Okay . i'll check it out later. but right now i still havent enough money yet :( btw. thank you :)
@lazerm (480)
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6 Oct 10
depends on what your looking for. and how much money you want to spend. the three types of xbox 360 packages are- arcade version- it comes with a 512 mb memory card and a demo type game. if you just want to play xbox 360 games, but don't care about playing original xbox1 games-(need a hard drive for that) than perhaps that is the system for you. its also the cheapest version at $150.00 the next one is the pro edition comes with a 20gb hard drive and more cables and stuff than the arcade version.the third is the most expensive the "elite" comes with a 120gb harddrive and all cables and extra stuff included. I got the arcade version and then bought a used harddrive later. no difference in performance between arcade version and elite. if you want to save money,arcade edition with a used harddrive is the way to go. plus, you can use the extra money to buy an extra game or controller!
16 Oct 10
Wooow thankyou lazerm . maybe i'll try arcade edition. my money havent enough yet to buy that stuff :(