why people may like or dislike you

United States
October 6, 2010 1:01pm CST
life is short people may like you because of:your looks,your smarts,your money,your family,your husband/wife,your kids,your games,your whole life. but there are also people who may dislike you because of:your looks,your smarts,your money,your family,your husband/wife,your kids,your games,your whole life . people like you or dislike you for pretty much all the same reasons you just got to decide if you want them to like you
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
7 Oct 10
I am a bit of a quiet type of person, not talking much with colleages or friends. I know they often misunderstand me for that, thinking I am stubborn, arrogant, and unfriendly. In fact, I am none of those. Any way, that's the reason why people dislike me.
@kodukodu84 (1576)
• Malaysia
6 Oct 10
Anyone can like me and anyone can dislike me too as I will do the same thing to other people, I know that is a common thing that happens in life. I don't expect those who like me to come and be friend with me, but I do expect those who dislike me to stay away from me and not bother me just because they dislike me, but if they don't stay away then I will stay away :D, I guess that will makes my life simpler :)
• Philippines
6 Oct 10
as the saying goes, you can't please everybody. sometimes there's just no reason for you to dislike somebody, you just do, but i guess its not anybody;s fault.
@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
6 Oct 10
I can only speak for myself. I wouldn't know why other people feel the way they do about me. That being said, only thing I can say is what makes ME like or dislike other people. I don't like liars. That applies in every aspect of my life. I don't even like it when people lie to save me from getting hurt. I would be more offended if people lie to me thinking that's what I wanna hear. I'd rather people tell me like it is regardless of how that might make me feel. My girl friend is same way. I don't like people who's words don't mean anything. Promise is a promise. Commitment is a commitment. Some people take it very lightly. They say they are gonna do something & don't. They say they'll be there at certain time but doesn't show up till later. I don't like it when people say "don't sweat the small things!". But then there's an old saying, "If I can't trust you with $1, how do you expect me to trust you with $1,000!" Point is, promise means more than what's it's made on. Promise is your words given. If you keep backing out on your words on something small & simple, how do you expect me to trust you with something big & important. I don't like it when people judge others without knowing the whole story. I have a friend who has leukemia. He had it since he was a child. Doctors gave him 3 years to live. That's when he was 4. He just had his 36th birthday in September. But that's not the point. Point here is, because of treatments he's been getting, his eye sights been getting worse. I'm not a doctor so I don't know the name of the condition but he developed this eye condition. Got to the point where he had to wear sunglasses pretty much all the time. Even at night because he can't stand to look at an on coming traffic's headlight. Neon signs hurt his eyes, too. He gets a bad migraine from it. I know people who gave him a hard time because he was wearing sunglasses at night. I hear people laughing at him when he walks down the street. I don't know. Just my feelings on it but I don't understand how people can do the things they do without even knowing the full detail or full stories behind things. Matter in fact, isn't that what racism is based on? Stereotyping people of other nations solely based on ignorance? But then again, I don't really care what people think anyway so it's not that important to me. It sounds little selfish but I have everything I need in life. It may not be much. I do struggle sometimes. But I'm happy with what I have. I do care about other people as human beings, in general & as a whole. But I really don't care weather people like me or not because I refuse to live my life based on other people's standards.