Cashgopher not working...since 2 days...getting an error!!

October 6, 2010 1:48pm CST
I have an active is always open to earn me a few cents...but for the past two days when i usually start surfing, my system hangs for a few seconds and then i get a ERROR..."that cashghoper has stopped you want to close the program or look for possible solution on the internet". Has this happened to anyone...what is the to overcome this...pls help.
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@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
6 Oct 10
I don't know what's happening lately because I didn't mind of this program but everyday I earn cents even without doing anything. I am not active in surfing the net because I am very busy with my regular job. So far, there's no problem for me with regards to cashgopher. If you experience several times with the ERROR message you can contact directly to the site admin.
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@ThomasVH (381)
• Belgium
6 Oct 10
Cash Gopher software is just new for a month now, so it is likely it crashes sometimes. I had the same error and I got no earnings for almost a week. Just reinstall the software and if that does not solve the problem, contact cashgopher using this link I hope I helped you!
@johnnykay (1057)
• Hungary
7 Oct 10
I'm as active as I was in september, but I only got $0.01 til date!!! What the hell??? I earned $1.42 last month, I have 14 referrals, so I don't know why am I earning so little money in october.. maybe it's an issue they'll fix soon! Let's hope together! Have a nice day!
@blueblink (246)
• Philippines
6 Oct 10
I have read an article about cashgopher. this article is telling that cashgopher is a virus, so i uninstalled the software from my computer. another thing is I am not earning from cashgopher since problem like this occurred. I will not use again this cashgopher.
@rosekiss (30268)
• Eugene, Oregon
6 Oct 10
I can't even install it and so I just gave up trying. It might be because I have Windows 7, but not to sure about that. All I know is, I tried to install it more than once and it just wouldn't do a thing. I am not to sure I would like it running in the background anyway. I did have gomez peer at one time, but got rid of it too, as I just never got activated, and I got tired of waiting for over a month. I do wish you luck with cah gopher though, and happy mylotting.