life changes

October 6, 2010 4:28pm CST
Relationships some are in forever and some are in and out as fast as you can count to five.With relationships we experience alot of life changes we may have children,grand children thoses are some of the good things from a relalationship.However we may also experience the hard relationship where we dont do as good,break ups,seperations,what ever it maybe that is all part of relationships and life..
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23 Oct 10
Thats just life. We all have to just get on with life and take it as it comes. Only we can decide if we are in the right relationship for ourselves to settle down. Things can always go wrong, but life goes on, just have too carry on and get through the hard times as we do the good times.
• Philippines
7 Oct 10
Well, that's life, it's like a wheel. Sometimes your at the top, and sometimes your at the bottom. In relationship we should expect the heartaches & changes, because the only permanent thing in this world is the word "CHANGE".