What can you say about trendy/fashionable vegetarians?

October 6, 2010 4:32pm CST
There are real vegetarians and there are vegetarians who are in it because it's fashionable. The trendy ones like to talk about it, they feel being vegetarian is pointless unless people notice it, and they are quite easy to spot. Your opinions please. No holds barred!
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@ree_yah (462)
• Philippines
8 Oct 10
well i feel so sorry for the veetarians for fashion.. i think they dont kow what their doing. in being a vegetarian, there are health risks too but these fahion vegetarian are just playing with it. i dont htink that they are eating the right kinds of veggies to make them helthy. they are eaay to spot because theya re too skinny... and their skin is dry..
@olisaur (1932)
• United States
7 Oct 10
I think vegeterianism is part of the indie/hipster fad that also consists of things like existentialism, graphic design, over-sized glasses and skinny pants. I do like some of those things, and I was a vegeterian until recently, but I believe that vegeterianism should have a solid cause (like the love of animals or being on a diet), and not just for fashion.
@potla5 (41)
7 Oct 10
Being a vegetarian i believe is a nobel cause even though i could not live without meat. People who just do it to be trendy are stupid. Surely there are better ways of being fashionable such as your hair and clothing and accessories etc.
• Philippines
7 Oct 10
Those who claim to be, in your word 'trendy, fashionable vegetarians' are just deceiving themselves. It takes a lot of discipline to become a real one. Just because they prefer salad doesn't make them a vegetarian. Next time you eat out with them, observe what they eat and you will find out who the real ones are. Some claims to be vegetarians but they eat the bits of meat or slices of egg in their vegetable salad. Isn't that an outright hypocrisy?