PTC premium membership are scams that pays...

@onlywan (182)
October 6, 2010 10:17pm CST
Are you a premium member of any PTC sites? Did you notice what I notice? I know that most if not all PTC sites are free and that it is optional to become a premium member but when you purchase the membership, here is where the scam part comes in. Because when you are a free member you get only about 1-5 clicks a day so the premium membership is very enticing because it is saying that it will give you more clicks but only for a short period. For example, you pay $10 and then you'll get 400 clicks. After you click each one which costs $0.01 per click you get $4.00 and then you go back to the 1-5 clicks a day. That means you paid for your own clicks and the $6.00 balance, you'll earn after weeks or even months of clicking. And then they'll say to get referrals so that you'll earn more and those referrals would suffer the same consequence but because you are the upline you'll benefit more than they do. So my point is, invest what you can lose and if you want to join a PTC, its better when its free because it won't feel like you paid yourself but if you know a lot people then investing in a premium membership to increase your referrals earnings is a great idea. And for people who think I'm wrong, its just an observation.
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7 Oct 10
It's not worth it unless you will make more than you invested, obviously. So if you're paying $5 and you only make $4, or even just $5, you shouldn't bother.