to prevent boredom

October 6, 2010 10:39pm CST
I have all the time in the world now and i really want to do something fun and exciting..The problem is everything requires money. Could you suggest ways for me to prevent getting bored and spend less money at the same time.
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@sup3rdud3 (231)
• Indonesia
7 Oct 10
Try to find something that you like such as your hobby and try to turn it into a money making enterprise. There is nothing better than doing something that you like and getting money from it at the same time. For example, if you like to sing with your guitar you can try to become a musician. Start from something small like become a street musician but don't become complacent there. Try to find other better opportunities like creating a band with your friends and finding a paying gig and making a demo tape etc.
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@onichboy (134)
• Thailand
7 Oct 10
Hmm..why not play cards with someone, play video games, talk to someone over the phone, login to your social networking site account? For some productive ideas, clean your room, organize your stuff, read some magazines or books and of course do some exercise or better yet, stay on mylot! Here, you won't get bored and the best thing is, you'll get paid! Whatever you wish and will make you happy which wouldn't require you to spend. Go ahead, it's a free world unless you would do something illegal. :) Good luck!
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@prinzcy (5057)
• Malaysia
7 Oct 10
Different people has different way to enjoy and define fun. I guess mine is more to indoor activities. I am not really a people person, I spend more time on the Internet or reading. That doesn't cost much, except for the Internet bill. Also, if I hang out with friends, we're more into window shopping. We don't really buy everything that touch or try. Sometimes we never did.