How often do your back aches

October 6, 2010 11:28pm CST
I always experience back pain and it is really killing me. Plus I learned I also have scoliosis,it adds to the pain. I work in an office and it requires to sit almost 8 hours a day.Feels like something's heavy on my back and it kills me more when I stretch. I guess I really need to start drinking milk everyday and take some vitamins rich in calcium.
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• Philippines
7 Oct 10
i also experiencing back pain since working straight hours sitting, its because all the pressure of our upper body goes down to own lower back that cause the back pain. drinking milk is good to our bones and taking some vitamins is also good. but i suggest that even you are in you chair, there were some good stretching that will relax your back and lessen your back pain. i know it is hard to demostrate it here, but ill try my best to share it with you. sit straight, angle should be 45 degrees. put your two palms into your two knees, so your position now is like a right triangle. now what is next, is to move your upper body forward, your so your hinge joint is bending. do it for as 2 minutes and you will feel the effect into your back. just give respect to your back everytime you are sitting. :)
• Philippines
7 Oct 10
Hi,thanks for the advice.I will try it so even Im at work I can try it from time to time to relax.
• India
14 Oct 11
Thanks to the search ,I did not have to re post query on back ache.. and thanks nereidiane, I shall follow that too.
@MrGhost (550)
22 Mar 13
I am fortunate enough that so far I am not a victim of backaches.
• Philippines
31 Oct 10
yes it will help and i also do taking calciumade made especially for the bones and it is also a food supplement so it made me eat u can also have exercise in the morning and some stretching too but not hard just relax and easy so you will not be hurt.