Can politicians be believed?

October 7, 2010 1:51am CST
You might have come across politicians across. I think now a days politicians only want to earn for themselves. Is this not true?
2 responses
• Philippines
7 Oct 10
Politicians have been stereotyped as corrupt that's why we find it hard to trust them but believe it or not, there are honest politicians working for the government. It's only hard to notice them cuz they're constantly being brought down by the corrupt ones.
• India
7 Oct 10
right from days when politics has started ... the people who were into that field of living were not to be trusted. They are the dirtiest of the lot. They are far more harmful than the deadliest viruses. The politicians are always to be avoided, even at some cost. That is my opinion. ---------- I remember a story, when a would-be fathers' meeting was discussing about future prospects of their kids. One father proudly claimed to Make his kid a DOCTOR, if the kid is a male child. Everyone asked him, what would he do, if the child is a girl... He said, the girl would be taught to be a good TEACHER. Someone asked him, what he would do.. if the child is a neuter He promptly said.. It would be POLITICS for the kid then.