I am happy to meet you again, my illusive girl!

@Ramaditya (1227)
October 7, 2010 6:14am CST
Oh my God! I never imagine that I will find this song again after 20 years, and it means I also discover my long lost illusive girl! It was in 1990 when I transformed from a child to teenager (I was 9 at that time). I believe most of you understand the process. I got a dream which was very beautiful where I met an illusive girl, telling me how to do mature stuff and something like that. Morning came and I just could not forget that beautiful dream, maybe forever! In that morning I turned my radio on, and a song caught my attention. A sweet instrumental song that could make me imagine the dream and that illusive girl perfectly! Unfortunately, it was used during a program called "Your Diary" as a background music, and I never heard that song again after that For your information, I am a blind person and I was unable to see that illusive girl in my dream. But my parents and family taught me a lot about shapes, colors, hair styles, and more things related to visual. So, with lovely effort I could master, I tried my best to write down the description about that illusive girl based on my memory and the song I heard. I also recorded my own voice singing the song that I admire so much. ten years passed after that day, but I never stopped from searching that instrumental song which disappeared along with my illusive girl. I also never stopped perfecting my description about my illusive girl, which I called "Wahita." Then, I met my friend which was good at drawing picture. I gave him my script along with my voice recording, and I asked him to draw Wahita into reality. On to 2010, exactly today! This morning I just happened to visit my old friend, and at that time she was listening to her MP3 collection, and guess what? She's got that song I've been looking for! "Oh, this song was composed by Suzanne Siani," she explained. Without paying attention to tears running down my cheek, I grabbed my USB flash drive, and copied the song, and then brough it to my friend which was still working on Wahita's picture. I asked him to listen to it, and it's finally done! I am very happy, and today is probably one of the best days in my life. I know some of you will consider this "silly mission," but re-discovering old memories makes me feel young again (I am still young anyway)! Wahita. My creation. I am happy that I finally have a real chance to meet you again through the music I have just found. I do understand that you are no more than just an illusion, and I will absolutely marry a real woman. But having you inside my brain is one of the sweetest miracles God ever presented to me. PS: Please note that I do not do this to advertise the artist composing that song. I just want to share how I build my memory. And, because I am blind, so please forgive me if both picture and music do not match in your brain. I've just done my best as a blind person to use my imagination, fantasy, and creation. Download the song here (Credits to Suzanne Siani): http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/6/4/1945085/Suzanne_Ciani_-_Neverland.mp3
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