How do you choose your operational system?

October 7, 2010 9:11am CST
Do you buy whatever is popular, what your friends/sales people suggest or you really investigate what's best for you? I know people who dislike Linux for example without even knowing why. Do you know what the different systems offer or just don't really care much about them?
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@dark_joev (3043)
• United States
7 Oct 10
I use Windows and Linux (Ubuntu). Windows is good for most things but you have to take extra steps to make sure it doesn't get a virus infection as it isn't as well secured as Linux or any Unix based operating system. Windows also doesn't allow for you to make changes which means it has limits on what it can and can't do. Linux or any Open Source Operating System is not limited by anything really as you can get and OpenGL based product to run on it but some outside of the Open Source Community programs do not run well on Linux as they don't allow for the user to modify the source code to make it to where it can run on any operating system. Linux is a Great server and programming environment and is used on 98% of the Internet servers/websites that you connect to. As Linux is stable and leaves the smallest resource footprint when compared to Apple and Microsoft server products. Apple and Microsoft's server products use resources when the server is active as well as inactive where Linux doesn't if you where to monitor you processor(s) under a Linux operating system and hand no operations taking place it would show 0% processor usage the operating system is only used when opening up programs then the program gets 100% or 200% if it is a dual core system to spread its legs. As well as the full use of ram. So Linux may not be mainstream yet but it is the best when compared to any closed source operating system it is in fact so good that Apple's Mac OS X has Open Source Technology in it. But mainly you should pick the operating system to meet your needs.
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@vivekan (93)
• India
3 Nov 10
Windows xp is always best operating system.I also suggest Windows 7,because it has most attractive,for usage also it is as good as xp win 7 takes more graphics than xp and it consumes more space for its os intallation.But win 7 is quicker installation while xp will take more time. I dont know about linux,i heard abiut it little bit.some people likes is not as much easier as windows to use it.It also doesnt support some normal softwares.But it is powerful os.
@IvanDSM (40)
• Brazil
10 Oct 10
I like XP 'n' Linux.
• Slovenia
7 Oct 10
I use windows for all my life and I like it. Now I use XP few years and I have no complain. I was thinking to start use Windows 7.