Is Breastfeeding Really Necessary

October 7, 2010 11:26am CST
My neighbour had a daughter recently and she has decided not to breastfeed. Her grandmother is horrified at the idea of a baby not receiving breast milk which she believes has vital nutrients that is necessary for the positive growth of the child especially during the first three months of her life. Her Mother, however is much more accepting as she believes that there are many appropriate substitutes available and breastfeeding is not such a big deal anymore. Many traditions and customs are going out the window as society continues to evolve. What do you think? Is it really necessary to breastfeed nowadays?
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• United States
8 Oct 10
Not necessary, but extremely beneficial health and vitamin wise.
@jennbart (1332)
• Philippines
8 Oct 10
Hi, I am kind of confused here. how can something extremely beneficial be not neccesary?
@momof3kids (1903)
• Singapore
8 Oct 10
When I was working about 10 years ago and had my firstborn, I stopped br*astfeeding him a week before I end my 40 day maternity leave. I dare say that he seems to turn out fine now in terms of health. Although he developed a serious illness (bronchitis)when he was about 6 months old, I cannot say if that was due to my lack of bre*stfeeding him. My late MIL insisted that bre*stfed babies are smarter. Compared to some of his breatsfed cousins, I think he is also fine academically. But I do bre*stfeed his siblings. For some reasons I am taken into beleiving that its best to br*astfeed your offsprings. But when I was working, its too much stress to keep up (what with the storing of brea*t milk) so I chose to give it up when I started work.
7 Oct 10
In my experience - (BF my daughter for two months before going to formula, BF my first son for six months, and currently nursing my two month old) formula seems to have had no negative affects.