Rihana?Lady Gaga?Brittany Spear??

October 7, 2010 12:06pm CST
Hey what do you who is gonna be the next lady POP singer, I think it wud probably be Lady Gaga, she has the hightest number of followers on twitter then Brittany, I didnt like her showing off her meaty dress on MTV though and I dont quite agree with her vies on Gayism...She even called her fans monsters...what do you think does she fits for the role model for her fans?
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16 Oct 10
I'd go for Rihanna. her songs are nice and she does not criticize like lady gaga.. Britney is okay.
• India
17 Oct 10
I would also go for Rihanna, she is polite and kind unlike Lady gaga, she wore dress made of meat on MTV show, that was so disgusting even called her fans monsters...God help singers like her:(