Girlfriend for the vacation

October 7, 2010 1:01pm CST
Today by chance iv heard a convertation between two young man. One of them sayd at the vacation he had have a girfriend for the vacation in another country. He explane it was temporal realtionship because he have permanent girlfriend in the same time. So he is unfatefull, and dont care who will be hurt. For me this sounds absolutely disgraceful.
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• Portugal
7 Oct 10
really? thats so sad how some guys dont respect their gfs :( also some girls do the same. is like you cant even let your bf go to other country without think that he will find other girl. when we listen those things makes us feel more insecure also about our own bfs right? anyway i just wish that he could at least be honest with his gf. is sad to know that she was cheated and has no way to find it out. that guy is too stupid. he just wanted a fun time while on vacations and when back his poor gf would be waiting. so selfish guy
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• India
8 Oct 10
Hi Demoni u say true..the behaviour of the man was indeed disgraceful showing his sick mentality...he does not have even little care for the hurt of his girl friend. Some girls also do such acts of cheating on their boyfriends putting their meanness on show...but no one should cheat on anyone specially their loved brek hearts...shattres lives.. all this must be condemned in strongest words and acts.