Being In Love Is Amazing

@potla5 (41)
October 7, 2010 2:24pm CST
Isn't it just exhilarating? Iv been in love for 16 months now, and it just seems to get better by the day. My heart still beats faster when my love comes near me... Ah its just amazing. What do you think?
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• Portugal
8 Oct 10
im very happy for you^^ it means that you and your lover care too much^^ and always show it ^^ is great that you and him always have time for each other^^ and that your heart beats faster when see him^^ very romantic^^ just be always caring and sweet and listen to him^^ and be there for him when he needs and it can surely last forever^^ im very happy for you^^ im sure he loves you too much and wont leave you if you always love him^^ wish you the best^^ and is great that it gets better day by day^^ it just means that all is going well^^ and that his love for you is growing^^
@potla5 (41)
8 Oct 10
thanks a lot :) and btw, im a guy hehe, the girl in the photo is my girlfriend
@mensab (4206)
• Philippines
7 Oct 10
yes, i agree that being in love is amazing and exhilarating. and i admire you for announcing it here in mylot and keeping it that long. sixteen months of being in love is quite a feat. usually, after a year, realities and realizations come in. they may run counter to the image of love that we wanted, but things happen. but love is not all about this exhilarating feeling. there are times that one has to deal with the painful reality, that love is a process of knowing and accepting another person in our lives. and it takes courage and efforts to do so. best wishes..