More Government/Public School Politicking and Subversion

@epicure35 (2822)
United States
October 7, 2010 4:50pm CST
Judicial Watch reports on an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune, Saturday, September 25, 2010, written by J. Harry Jones and Morgan Lee. It details how the San Diego Office of Education is distributing a guide through its public schools instructing students on how to "protect" themselves against deportation and immigration raids. Their illustrations show burly police/ICE officers and "hapless, sad illegals", rather a pointed picture with an agenda. It is written by a Latino support group called Casa de Maryland. It tells them about their "civil rights" and how to avoid immigration officials and deportation. I wonder what "civil rights" people who are here illegally are entitled to, especially vis a vis the civil rights of Americans who become their crime victims, lose jobs, and are disenfranchised in other ways through this lawlessness, and also those law abiding immigrants who stand on line and wait patiently for their turn. Are they the same "civil rights" criminals Obama and DOJ Holder confer on terrorists, while calling our military and dissenting citizens "domestic terrorists'? We have seen the NEA and AFT support of our illegitimate government offering school children extra credit for attending the union/liberal sponsored "one nation rally". For years they have been silent "bedfellows" with liberals, advancing the liberal agenda in order to get political favor and money. But now they're right out there in the open. It is the socialist agenda to capture the hearts and minds of our children at an early age and through the school systems. Ask Bill Ayers and Adolph Hitler, among others. Some years ago, I was working an election locally. One of the propositions was about keeping the children of illegals on the public school rolls, so those rolls would be inflated, more money would be thrown at the schools (for more waste in their academic wasteland), and more teachers would keep their jobs. Imagine my surprise when the principal of one of the schools I had worked at (I never joined the union, BTW) came right into our polling place and started electioneering, telling voters to support the prop! OMG, America, wake up to the truth about what is being taught to your children every day through indoctrination, and the character of the people who are teaching your precious ones. Nevermind that our children are deliberately dumbed-down academically, courtesy BHO cohort, unrepentant domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers at the U of Chicago.
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