Is the price difference between these two memory systems justified?

October 7, 2010 4:55pm CST
8192MB(4by2GB)1333MHz DDr3 Dual Channel Vs 8192(2by4GB) 1333MHz DDr Dual Chanel? I am trying to build the best possible gaming system. The second option would cost me an extra 230euro. Any advice on where I could get some good deals and other options for high performance systems would be great help too
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• India
9 Oct 10
I would suggest you should go for ddr3 than ddr2.Try for best deals. don't know anyother site really.get the antivirus which has gaming mode like norton.A clean pc will always give you better performance.
• India
8 Oct 10
There is not much difference in 4X2GB kit and 2X4GB kit. If you opt for 4X2GB kit,then there are 4 modules of 2GB RAM and if you have 4 slots for RAM, then all the slots get used up and there will be no more room for upgradation in RAM. But while opting for 2 modules of 4GB, you will be left with 2 free slots which might be used in future for upgradation. My advice would be going for 4X2GB kit as it would cost you cheaper and wait till 2X4GB kit price drops,so that you can opt for them in future if you wish to upgrade RAM. On more thing added, if the latency of both the kits are same (something like 7-7-7-20 or a bit different latency),then they are both identical in terms of performance since you've already mentioned that they both are clocked at 1333MHz.