Fog lights for Volvo S60, 2003

@iDivision (1414)
October 8, 2010 12:59am CST
A month ago my car Volvo s60, 2003 didnt passed technical inspection because of left fog light. Fog light was not set up correctly and its light beam was indicated too high. I checked out whats up under car bumber and realised that fog lights fasteners are broken. I dont have so much money to buy a new fog light for my car since its costs very much here, so i turned to my country volvo forums. At the first i searched for a already used fog light as replacement for my broken one. Found one, but it costs 45$ here. I wasnt happy at all, but then one of forum members did something nice - he wrote to me personal message and described where and for how much money i could buy new fog light which is fake made in Taiwan. You wont believe it - price was 25$. I followed my new friend instructions and bought new fog light for my car. it will replace my broken fog light today and i hope i will pass the technical inspection this time without any problems.
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