ichigo losing his shinigami powers

October 8, 2010 2:36am CST
hi to myloters. i read bleach 423. sad to say ichigo losses his shinigami powers. it's hard do belive, after a heroic battle with aizen thats what he gets. i feel so sad for ichigo he can not detect any spiritual presence. all of his friends in serentei will disapear. you guys what's your opinion on this. when will his shinigami powers will be back. and one thing more the next issue will continue on oct 28.
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@saizo6 (2211)
• United States
8 Oct 10
I wasn't really shocked or anything to learn that Ichigo lost all of his shinigami powers. I just felt bad because he could no longer see some of his friends anymore. It felt like a bittersweet parting when I read the latest chapter. But for some reason, I have the feeling that he'll get it back somehow. The story isn't over yet after all. I read somewhere that the mangaka confirmed that there will be two more story arcs before Bleach ends. One is supposed to last for a few months while the other one is a few years long. So, we can expect Bleach to be around for a few more years.
• Australia
28 Oct 10
Thats good to hear, I would of hated it if it ended like that, it would be a great ending, but such a good ending and it closes everything. Good to hear that there will be more Bleach.
@Ichiru101 (285)
• United States
13 Mar 11
When i read that part i thought that this ending is kinda depressing, so i'm happy that Ichigo gain new power but i don't see the point of having new power this far in the manga. He defeated Aizen and save both worlds. What else does he want? From now on let the soul reaper do their job and slay hallows.
• Canada
29 Nov 10
If yall have read the recent chapters, some of the characters have noticed somthing reiatsu like about ichigo. I remember Uryu commenting on this, saying that somthing is wrong/odd with ichigo since he should have lost all of his powers...he even said it felt like reiatsu. So im guessing he should be able to at least see spirits again soon
• Indonesia
8 Oct 10
i,m not worry coz this some happy news cox maybe he get some the new powers again coz if the anime losing his power the rebon of new powers is more then stonger and just same like he powers can macth him ... good news for anime if the hotshot losing power