Do you still have your old toys with you?

childhood toys/ stuff toys - These were with me ever since I am a toddler.
@jennbart (1332)
October 8, 2010 10:39am CST
My toys have been with me since childhood.. and my raccoon has travelled with me since I was little. I am also preserving my toys till now.. I will never sell it.
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• United States
8 Oct 10
No, I do not have any toys from my childhood. We donated them already, I wish I did though :(
@jennbart (1332)
• Philippines
10 Oct 10
I also donated some toys, but I retained the most valuable toys with me. I will never ever give them away as my dad gave them to me when I was a baby.
@soholino (57)
• Bulgaria
8 Oct 10
Of course I have them still around. I am a big child :). Anyway they bring me memories. It is pleasant to have them around.
• Vietnam
8 Oct 10
I have an cuddly turtle when i was a child. Now, it old but i love it very much, it can replace my pillow ^^
@SilverKing (1023)
• Canada
8 Oct 10
I still have my large collection of lego stored in our bacement.It has some cobwebs on it now as i have not used it in over 10 years.I should play with it this weekend.It might bring back some pleasent memories of my childhood and it could be a lot of fun to make things out of those smalll plastic blocks.I really liked making spaceships and towns out of lego as well castles.I think i will make a castle town and build a spaceship out of lego just for fun this Thanksgiving weekend.(Im from Canada so it comes early for us)