No response email from Toneaday.

United States
October 8, 2010 4:08pm CST
I applied for Toneaday some days back and rated 100 words for the qualifying level, eight days have passed and they have not sent me an email to confirm my qualification or rejection. It does not seem fair because I thought Toneaday was legit and a very good way to make some money online. Have you ever experienced the same from Toneaday? Did they send you an email after more than 8 days? What are your experiences with Toneaday, do you trust this site? One more thing, I have tried to email them at, but they rejected my email and it was sent back to my inbox.
2 responses
@jamed28 (1909)
• Philippines
9 Oct 10
I think it is a scam. I also have similar experience with you guys.
• United States
9 Oct 10
thanks jamed28, lets wait and see how things turn out for us at Toneaday.
@lexx87 (1711)
• Mexico
21 Mar 11
it is not scam , they are paying but im not sure if they want more members.
• United States
23 Mar 11
yes they did send me an email after six months and there was some news about a special type of community in which people would compete to be selected as raters. I do not think I will waste more time there.
• United States
8 Oct 10
Hi, I signed up with Toneaday for a week now and I finished the qualifying level as well and I have not been able to rate any words yet because my account is also waiting to be confirmed.. I e-mailed support and they said since there is an increase in members it is taking a long time and some people have been waiting for even months- it is because they are running out of words for people to rate. And, they did not reject your e-mail, the e-mail sent to you was stating that your e-mail is being reviewed, read it carefully, it was not a rejection e-mail.. so I am not quite when my account will be done from checking for qualifications but I hope soon. The site was easy and I hope to get in! Good luck :)
• United States
9 Oct 10
thanks infatuatedbby for the help and response.