people are so self confident.

United States
October 8, 2010 6:16pm CST
people are so self confident. why are prople so self confident. I mean god all created us equally we are all on the same planet for the same reason. sometimes people are always look at my new ring .look at my new car .look at my new house oh yeah i got my son an xbox for christmas what did you get yours. and it really makes me mad when people flash their money sround. and if people ask to borrow lets say 10 dollars and they can't just get out ten dollars they have to get out their whole wad of cash. and if its on an atm card there like ok let me go to the atm next thing you know 50 minutes later they show up with 500 dollars. i mean what is up with that .and when you go to their house and bring your kid there kids are the same way .they said to my child oh look what my mom got me a new tv what did your mom get you nothing. and then there whole family is like that oh do you need money for gas do you need this. i mean ughhhhhhhhhhh what is there problem. do you know anyone who is like that.
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@Graceekwenx (3163)
• Philippines
9 Oct 10
Hmm.. Lawrence, for me, there is nothing wrong with self-confidence. In fact, it is one ingredient for one to go a level higher. From what i read here, you probably meant "proud people." I do agree that position and property do get to the heads of some people, considering that we are all created equal. It is truly not nice to compare one with the other; it gives a feeling that someone is incompetent, weak, slow and pathetic.