How many friends do you have to lend money to you

October 9, 2010 5:52am CST
if i ask you this question'how many friends do you have.' maybe you will say i have many friends.but how many of them can lend you money if you are in trouble. one day this question present itself to me.but i have no idea about it.i don't think i am lack of friends,but not everyone can help me, and even some of them just get some advantage and money from me.i am afraid the true friend who i have is not enough. i have no idea how to deal with i want to get some advice from you.
2 responses
@bum2er (17)
• Bulgaria
9 Oct 10
I have a lot of friends but not all of them are good so i guess not a lot. I don't like mixing up friends and money.
• Philippines
9 Oct 10
They say that the biggest breaker of friendship is money issues. I think more than the financial aspect of friendship, there are other things that a friend can offer. Friends who take advantage are just posers. They are not real. Be wise to distinguish the keepers and those who come and goes with the season. I think that you should learn to say no especially if you are already being taken advantage of. A true friend will understand if you are simply not able to help with money matters and would still keep you just the same.:)