how about metallica?

October 9, 2010 9:16am CST
any opinions about the band metallica.
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9 Oct 10
I love Metallica. They are by far the greatest rock band ever. There are hardly any songs of theirs that I don't like. My favourites are Enter Sandman, Battery, Nothing Else Matters and One. My favourite album is The Black Album. They are supposed to be amazing live. I haven't been to their concert yet, but that is one band I have to see at a concert before it's too late.
• Thailand
10 Oct 10
who knows
• Thailand
11 Oct 10
12 Oct 10
Yeap, Music One of Mettalica is the best ! Guitar hero III ! ( On expert, Mwahaha )
• United States
24 Dec 10
Metallica is one of my overall favorite bands. Im into some metal(not thrash metal or screamo), and by playing the guitar Metallica holds some very great songs to learn. My favorite songs are probably One, For Whom the Bell Tolls and Battery S&M. I really like Kirk Hammett and think that he's an awesome guitar player. and Lars Ulrich just happened to go to my high school :)
@Donaze40 (30)
• United States
5 Dec 10
I think they are the greatest. they have been around for a long time. And, in recent years their sound has changed. But, they are still my favorite band.
@nadrolski (220)
• Philippines
17 Nov 10
Metallica! the first band i was (and still) into when i entered the world of Heavy Metal. i used to like hip-hop/rap music, but since i heard the song "Master of Puppets" (and i was at grade school during that time), it made me awake what music really is! i grew up listening to them, and up to now i still listen and bang my head with one of the big four of metal's music. my favorite album is "..And justice for all", truly a thrash metal compilation with a touch of melodies, if you know what i mean :D my fave JUSTICE song is "The Shortest Straw", it may be a little "not in tempo" during the intro, but the headbanging starts when the 1st riff plays. i also recommend the song "To live is to die" (from the same album) for you guys to listen, it has a very dramatic introduction, acoustic plucks, the "dark melodies", then comes the heart-pounding palm-muted "snared" fills, then boom! i also love the other albums, but not really into their new music, with the exception of "Broken, Beat & Scarred", which i believe have a touch of their THRASHNESS and HEAVINESS. what else can i say? Kirk Hammett is the best b@d-@$$ lead guitarist in my opinion, and of course, he's a fellow citizen of mine :D ROCK ON!
@helghast (37)
• Canada
22 Oct 10
I think Metallica is a very good band. I am a bigger fan of the older songs such as One, Unforgiven, Am I Evil, The Four Horsemen. I also personally like All Nightmare Long.
16 Oct 10
I love Metallica.. Wish they had continued making more albums just like Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell..
• Romania
12 Oct 10
Metallica is not just any band, it is already living history. They were among the first bands to ever bring the taste of metal into the world, in a time when only rock and hard rock was accepted. Their first albums are the ones who represent their pattern and it is there where we can find their work of arts. Enter Sandman was considered by a lot of people to be mediocre, compared to the early albums, although the gods remained gods.:P In my opinion, their music is very joyful and the few ballads they released have proved to be very deep and remain in the history of world's lovers. Unlike today's pop music, Metallica will still have fans in next hundred years.
10 Oct 10
Metallica is my most favorite band. But I really don't like the taste of the new band. Sounds different and not tasting like my Metallica. My favorite song: Of Wolf and Man, One, The God That Failed, I Disappear, Search and Destroy. But I like all of their songs until their Garage Album. My Favorite Album is Garage Album.
• China
9 Oct 10
i don't like metallic,i like pop music most?