@acey76 (1278)
October 9, 2010 10:41am CST
Do you use ringbacks at your cellphone ......what is ringback are you using?
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10 Oct 10
I think ringbacks are a silly idea and have no practicle use whatsoever. As the above post pointed out, the song is going to be stopped after a few seconds, so there is no point in having it. Waste of money in my opinion.
9 Oct 10
no i am not but do people really need them i mean seriously people in other countries that don't have this kind of technology would die for just a cell phone and why do u have to hear a certain song that your just gonna end in like two seconds?
• United States
9 Oct 10
honestly now of days. no one barely use ringback or ringtones due to the simple fact that people be very busy.